Party Bus


What Happens on the Bus, Stays on the Bus

Our party buses in Paynesville, MN are ALWAYS a good time

Partying at a club is always fun, but sometimes it's necessary to spice things up and make special occasions even more adventurous. A full-service party bus is the perfect choice for a night out. Turn to Schlangdaddy's Party Bus to plan an amazing night in the Paynesville, MN area. We have a fixed bus fee and then charge for every hour that you use our services.

With a full bar on board, our party buses can definitely keep the night going. Call us today to see why our party buses are the right fit for you.

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We have two types of full-service party buses that are perfect for any occasion. Our buses include:

The Hulk

seats up to 35 people and is equipped with LED lights, a stripper pole, a Bluetooth speaker system and premium seating.

The Green Bullet

seats up to 40 people and is equipped with LED lights, two stripper poles, a Bluetooth speaker system and comfortable seating.

We have the authority to make it legal to drink on the bus! You do need to be 21 to drink, but there is no specific age requirement to be on the bus itself.

Get in touch with us now to book one of our full-bar party buses.